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Your full service and repair center for Eclipse, Empire, Dye, Tippmann, Kingman, Danger Power, BLAST, Invert, Azodin, and more!

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GunFighter Pro Shop

For the largest selection of Paintball Á Airsoft guns, gear and accessories for Every Way Your Play!

Planet Eclipse LV1

The latest in the legendary EGO line of performance markers! Available in standard and custom color combinations at your GunFighter Pro Shop!

Dangerous Power REV-i

The latest version of the REV-i continues the Dangerous Power line of intuitive performance paintball markers!

Kingman Hammer 7 Pump

Get back to the woods with this excellent sniper pump from Kingman, a leader in the paintball game! Mag or Hopper- no worries with the Hammer 7!

Eclipse GSL

The combine the "Best-in-Class" Spool Valve marker with the latest technology available from the creative minds at Planet Eclipse and you have.... The GSL!

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Dangerous Power G5


With the release of the new G5, Dangerous Power ups the ante a notch on mid-range performance for both REC and Tourny players. The G5 features a new "gas thru" design but keeps the popular RAPS Flip ASA design. The new gas-thru design of course brings along a new main regulator design (the RIPTIDE) which as we can tell is based on the rock solid G3 regulator internals. Quick and easy velocity adjustments are made on the main regulator when chrono'ing your gun before a game.

The G5 also features a low-profile clamping feed neck, smooth WAVE trigger design, easier push button control and a new sleek look. The G5 is still one of the lightest markers available and operates at a low 200psi for enhanced performance and efficiency. The "Sub-Sonic Bolt" engine is the next level in refinement for the powerful DP "dump-valve" design. The G5 features a ported main bolt with zero orings and a redefined bolt guide/backcap. The breach design of the G5 improves the "anti-stick" bolt motion which viturally eliminates FSDO and improves responce.

The Wave Trigger of the G5 is also the next level up from the G4 trigger and features dual bearings for smooth trigger motion. The trigger system has a magnetic break away and spring return design and also has zero side-to-side play. You can tune your WAVE trigger with 3-axis point adjustments to get it right in the groove for your style of play!

And as for your style of play, the new G5 features 4 modes and programmable points in the board system. Modes include Semi, PSP3, NXL and Millennium along with adjustable ABS dwell, solenoid dwell, Rate of fire, ramp point and debounce.

Want to learn more about the new Dangerous Power G5? Come on in to your GunFIghter Pro Shop for a look and feel of this excellent marker! Or give us a call at 985-727-4370 or email us at info@gunfighterproshop.net and we will get all the information you need.

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