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Our staff members are ready, willing and able to help solve your paintball and airsoft questions! Here are some basic questions and answers about your GunFighter Pro Shop, gear, accessories and service. If you have a question that is not listed here, please call or email GunFIghter Pro Shop as soon as you can so we can get your question answered!

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GunFighter Pro Shop

For the largest selection of Paintball Á Airsoft guns, gear and accessories for Every Way Your Play!

Planet Eclipse LV1

The latest in the legendary EGO line of performance markers! Available in standard and custom color combinations at your GunFighter Pro Shop!

Dangerous Power REV-i

The latest version of the REV-i continues the Dangerous Power line of intuitive performance paintball markers!

Kingman Hammer 7 Pump

Get back to the woods with this excellent sniper pump from Kingman, a leader in the paintball game! Mag or Hopper- no worries with the Hammer 7!

Eclipse GSL

The combine the "Best-in-Class" Spool Valve marker with the latest technology available from the creative minds at Planet Eclipse and you have.... The GSL!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My paintball gun started puffing/clicking and not firing while I was playing. I checked my tank and has sufficient pressure/gas. What may be the problem?
  2. I started hearing a grinding sound in the gear box of my airsoft gun while I was playing. It may have been not so much at first, but now it seems to be pretty serious and I do not want to damage my gears. What may be the problem?
  3. I was shooting my paintball gun and it seems that I may have broken a ball in the breach. I cleaned my gun, but now my gun won't fire. It sounds like it wants to work, but the bolt just stays still or moves so slowly that the gun will not fire properly. What can I do to fix this? It was workring fine before I broke paint.
  4. My airsoft gun was shooting fine and then it stopped. It is still cycling, but no BBs are coming out and it is making a muffled sound now. What is the problem?
  5. My Spyder class, Tippmann or other stacked tube blow back gun is not recocking when I fire it. What can I do to fix this issue?
  6. My airsoft battery seems to not be holding a charge. I charge it, then only get a few mags worth of use, where I used to get a lot more. Is my battery going dead?

Paintball Gun Clicking or Puffing, and not cycling fully.

  • The most common cause of an electronic paintball gun suddenly puffing or clicking (depending on yout type of marker) and not firing properly is a low or dead battery. If you can pull the trigger and the gun fires (either as it should, or at least better than a few minutes ago), and then seems to die off quickly on subsequent rapid trigger pulls, the board/solenoid capacitor can not recharge quick enough due to low battery power. Even if you just replaced the battery with what you think is a good one, try another battery. GunFighter recommends Energy Paintball Batteries for the longest life and best performance. If this problem presists, please get your gun into our shop or your nearest paintball service facility.
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Slow, but rapid developing grinding sound in your Gear Box?

  • Normally, if you hear a slight grinding sound, then it progresses to a more intense grinding stop shooting! The usual cause is that your motor has come out of adjustment. This can happen to all airsoft guns due to vibration and torqing of the motor during play. You need to adjust your motor and move it back into the engaging gear. Depending on your gun, the adjuster my be located in different places. For the majority of M4/16, AK, MP and G series guns (those using V2 or V3 gear boxes) the adjuster is located on the bottom of the motor grip (the grip you hold to fire the gun). Look at the bottom of your grip and you will see either an ALLEN key adjuster or a FLAT BLADE screw driver adjuster. Turn is slowly clockwise (inward) to move the motor back into the correct position. Pull the trigger and test to see if the gun starts firing again with the grinding sound every quarter to half turn. If the grinding sounds presists, you could have already damaged the pinion gear on the motor, or it may be a more serious problem that requires an experienced airsoft tech to fix. Get your gun into our shop or to your nearest airsoft repair facility.
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Broke paint, and now my paintball gun won't fire properly?

  • If the gun was working great before you chopped a ball, the most common issue is that a piece of the broken shell has gotten between the bolt and the inner body wall of the gun. You may need to remove the bolt from your gun to remove or clean the broken shell off. This procedure caries depending on your gun. For most stacked tube class guns (guns that have a bolt with a pin that connects to a rammer in the lower section of the body) you simply pull the pin and remove the bolt from the gun. We strongly suggest that you use a clean barrel swab and run it through the upper body of the gun from BACK TO FRONT. You do not want to push the piece of broken shell down into the rammr galley, which can happen if you run your swab from the front to the back of the gun. Inspect your upper tube and breach to make sure you got the broken piece of shell out of there and clean off your bolt. Apply appropriate lube if needed to your bolt, reassemble and test. If your gun continues to puff or click, refer to question #1.
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BBs not coming out of barrel/muffled sound in my airsoft gun?

  • This is an indication that you have a BB jammed in your barrel or hop-up. First remove your magazine and look into the feed tube. Is you see BBs , flip the gun over and give it a slight shake to drop the BBs out. The look again to see if you have a BB stuck at the opening of the hop-up chamber. If you do not see anything there, take your clearing/cleaning rod and slowly slide it down the barrel from the front. Oh yea, you may want to disconnect your battery first.
    If you hit an obstruction, gently tap it with the clearing/cleaning rod. You should be able to push the BB back through the hop-up chamber and it should fall our the feed tube. There may be several BBs stuck, so don't stop till you are sure then barrel is clear. You can look in the feed tube and see your clearing/cleaning rod tip at the top of the feed tube, right at the opening for the hop-up chamber.
    Check your mag to make sure it is working properly too. Common causes are miss feeding from the mag causing a ball to get stuck in the hop-up chamber or inferior BBs that get stuck in the barrel. Use quality BBs and always make sure you mags order for best performance.
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My paintball gun is not recocking?

  • For Spyder, Tippmann, Azodin, JT and other stacked tube blow back style guns that usually run on CO2, the most common problem is that your hammer oring is damaged or needs to be lubed. One of the easiest ways to fix this issue is to remove your tank and put 3 to 5 drops of oil in your ASA. Then put your tank back on the gun and fire it without paintballs at least 10 times. This will move the oil from the ASA to the main valve body and hammer orings.
    A more definitive fix on some guns (such as the Model 98, Project Salvo and others), is to cock you gun and then pull back on the cocking knob just a little more. You will see an oring on the front of the hammer thru the cocking knob slot on the side of the gun. Put 2 or 3 drops of oil directly on that oring and 1 or 2 drops of oil directly in front of the hammer. This puts lubricant directly on the usual problem. Fire the gun a few times to spread the oil across the oring on the bolt. Unless your hammer oring is damaged, either of these methiods will work perfectly.
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Airsoft battery not holding a good charge?

  • Depending on the age and use of the battery, you could very well have a dying battery. batteries are not made to last forever, even when taking the best care of them, they will eventually burn out.
    Even with limited life, there are ways to improve the longevity of your battery. First, get a Smart Charger! Using the standard wall charger that comes with most batteries takes several hours to charge the battery and you never really know if you are at a full charge or not. Smart Chargers take the guessing of how long to charge and if you have a full charge out of the whole situation for you. Also, Smart Chargers will not run the risk of damaging your battery from over-charging, which can happen with the standard wall chargers and cause enough damage to render your battery useless in a very short period of time.
    With multi-current Smart Chargers, do not always charge your battery on the high current setting. While it's great to have your battery at full charge in less than an hour, pushing that much current into your battery all the time will degrade the life of the cells. Charge your battery on the lower setting for most of your charges. While it takes a little longer (usually less than 2 hours), this setting does not build up as much damaging heat in each of the cells of your battery.
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