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GunFighter Pro Shop Review

GunFighter Staff members go over every gun we carry with a magnifying glass to find every little detail that we need to concern ourselves with. This attention to each and every gun by our techs will provide you, the player, with long term enjoyment of your new paintball or airsoft gun and a trained staff to ensure your guns stays on the field slinging ammo, and as little down time as possible. We want you to enjoy your game as much as we enjoy ours!

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GunFighter Pro Shop

For the largest selection of Paintball Á Airsoft guns, gear and accessories for Every Way Your Play!

Planet Eclipse LV1

The latest in the legendary EGO line of performance markers! Available in standard and custom color combinations at your GunFighter Pro Shop!

Dangerous Power REV-i

The latest version of the REV-i continues the Dangerous Power line of intuitive performance paintball markers!

Kingman Hammer 7 Pump

Get back to the woods with this excellent sniper pump from Kingman, a leader in the paintball game! Mag or Hopper- no worries with the Hammer 7!

Eclipse GSL

The combine the "Best-in-Class" Spool Valve marker with the latest technology available from the creative minds at Planet Eclipse and you have.... The GSL!

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Kingman Hammer 7 Pump


Want to get back to the basics without spending a fortune? Or maybe you want to become the ultimate paintball sniper? Either way, the new 2013 Hammer 7 from Kingman will be a great choice for your next game!

The new Hammer 7 pump is packed with features that many pump players will enjoy and appreciate! Out the box, the gun comes with both a magazine and a hopper adapter, so you can choose which way you want to play. This DLC (Dual Load Capable) Pump gun can even handle First Strike Rounds without any problems. The stock magazine can hold upto 9 paintballs or First Strike Rounds. Additional magazines are available that hold 10 or 15 rounds (pictured on the right), but are not First Strike compatible. The rear ASA on this gun is angled down at 13 degrees so your tank will become the buttstock for a more stable firing platform. The Hammer 7 also feaatures an Auto-Trigger system for quicker firing in those tense moments during a battle. The barrel is standard Spyder Thread, so there are plenty of barrel upgrades available, but the stock barrel is actually pretty nice and comes with a removable muzzle break for future upgrade options. Adapting this excellent pump for hopper feed is as easy as removing two screws and attaching the clamping hopper feed on the top of the gun.

The shotgun style pump arm provides an excellent smooth stroke with firing and looks good too! Velocity on the Hammer 7 is controlled like most old-school pumps, internally down the barrel, and it comes with the tool to adjust velocity without having to remove the barrel too. The Hammer 7 can run on either CO2 or Compressed Air to meet your needs. All-in-all, this is an excellent pump gun for both experienced and beginning pump players. Come check out the new Hammer 7 and more at your GunFighter Pro Shop today!


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