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GunFightern Pro Shop

GunFighter Pro Shop is a Master Level Repair Center for Eclipse markers and has two factory trained Eclipse TEchs on hand to take care of your gun! Need your EGO, GEO, ETEK or ETHA fixed or tuned? Give us a call or get your marker into our shop for service!

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GunFighter Pro Shop

For the largest selection of Paintball Á Airsoft guns, gear and accessories for Every Way Your Play!

Planet Eclipse LV1

The latest in the legendary EGO line of performance markers! Available in standard and custom color combinations at your GunFighter Pro Shop!

Dangerous Power REV-i

The latest version of the REV-i continues the Dangerous Power line of intuitive performance paintball markers!

Kingman Hammer 7 Pump

Get back to the woods with this excellent sniper pump from Kingman, a leader in the paintball game! Mag or Hopper- no worries with the Hammer 7!

Eclipse GSL

The combine the "Best-in-Class" Spool Valve marker with the latest technology available from the creative minds at Planet Eclipse and you have.... The GSL!

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Planet Eclipse LV1


The latest incarnation of the legendary Eclipse EGO line is due to arrive at your GunFighter Pro Shop soon. Expected delivery of our first shipment of guns is mid to end April. Don't delay on getting one of these true marvels of paintball engineering on advanced order!

The new LV1 from Eclipse features some very advanced engineering enhancements over previous EGO models, and the gun has been designed from the ground up to bring you the best performance available. Everything in the gun has been tuned to reduce turbulence, increase accuracy, improve efficiency and just deliver a devastating defeat to your opponents! The LV1 joins the league of guns that now feature a "gas-thru" design, which reduces exterior encumberance, improves comfort and makes your target profile smaller. At first, the gas-thru design of the LV1 looks a bit strange, but it is designed for future upgrades and enhancements along with ergonomic comfort. The air bridge may look like it gets in the way, but I have already held one...and it is actually designed to fit right in your hand when holding the gun. GunFighter already has an LV1 Factory trained Tech to make sure the guns are running perfectly for your playing pleasure.

Other features of the internals include a revolutionary design in the valve system. No other gun has this type of design, which includes a CAM system that opens the poppet the correct amount every shot for improved performance. The rammer, which includes the ZICK4 does not directly impact the poppet valve which in turn reduces kick and does not transfer the impact energy to the front of the gun. This along with the ZICK4 system totally removes kick back or kick forward from the operation of the gun.

The poppet has had some pretty clever enhancements done to it too. Gone is the rammer tube (due to the design of the new internals) and a high performance poppet valve has taken it's place. The poppet shaft assembly has been designed to eliminate turbulance in the air breach chamber when firing the gun. The shaft spring is now encased... because air passing the spring would cause turbulance in the chamber. Though I could never really feel it in my EGO6 or Jes's EGO9, the enhancement makes the gun fire super smooth. I could run and gun with Jes's EGO9 using one hand and the gun shoot straight and level, but you had to lock the tank under your arm. With the LV1, the Beta-Testers just held the gun, allowing it to float in their hand if it wanted to and never had any kick or drop and said the gun was even more accurate than the EGO11 in this situation.

All-in-All, the new LV1 is a major leap forward in engineering for paintball markers. There really is not enough room here to explain all the advancements Planet Eclipse made on the LV1 compared to previous models, lets just suffice to say that this gun sets a whole new level for tourny markers... and of course those of us that want to use the best possible for rec and scenario play. Want to learn more about the LV1, come on into GunFighter Pro Shop and check it out! See you there!

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